As the real estate market changes, so does your legal needs and demands. Find out how Acocella Law Group can help you adjust to the changing times.

With the unstable economic conditions of these times, renting is at a rise. It is important to serve your tenants as efficiently as possible. This makes for a happy tenant and a stress free landlord. Let Acocella Law Group manage our property. Find out how to get one month free!

Estate planning can be a tedious and daunting task. Our firm has the knowledge and experience to make this process much easier.

Just some of the clients we serve..

Acocella Law Group has many clients and close relationships in Property management, funding services, and legal needs. We strive to maintain these clients and serve their needs as efficiently as we can. We work closely with many lenders as well.

Here are some of the clients that we have worked with:

Ritz Carlton Westchester
Trump Towers at City Center
Michale Anthony Holdings
Oxford Associates Group
The Lofts @ New Roc Cooperative
Cappelli Enterprises

We have many non-corporate clients as well. Please call for a full portfolio and information on how we might be able to serve your needs.